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Moving to LA

… like “Loire Atlantique”, in the west of France! Pigolabs, the company behind, has officially moved to Nantes. We are proud to join such a dynamic city, particularly active in the digital domain but also in open source software.

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Full screen slideshow

Until recently, full screen slideshow in Piwigo implied the use of Flash with plugin Cooliris. The new plugin Fotorama brings full screen without Flash and with a much better image quality. Plugin Fotorama simply replaces the default slideshow (no specific icon) and offers many options,…

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Piwigo 2.7 on

As of November 24th 2014, 97.07% of accounts have been upgraded to Piwigo 2.7 Piwigo 2.7 has been released 5 days ago. You can read 2.7 Release Notes to have full details about new features and improvements. Many of you already have already asked us…

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New theme Modus

Theme Modus, created by rvelices, will bring a modern look to your Piwigo: big square thumbnails for your albums, horizontal menu bar with drop down menus, automatic size selection, modern thumbnail display (à la GThumb+). Modus is ready for high density pixel screens (retina-like) with…

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Future Piwigo 2.6

Piwigo 2.6 is currently under tests as “release candidate”. It brings new features and many technical improvements. Just a few changes in Piwigo 2.6: many icons in the administration (“retina” compatible) geolocation of your visitors new group manager new email templates new pages in mobile…

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New live examples live examples page had not been updated for a long time! Here it comes refreshed, with 18 new live examples. They all come from Showcase. There are currently more than 500 photo galleries in the Showcase, and approximately 150 are hosted on

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New plugin Birthdate

Plugin Birthdate gives people age on each photo. Since Piwigo knows the date of the photo and if you tag the photo with people name, Piwigo only needs to know the people birthdate to display their age on photo. Plugin Birthdate let you define the birthdate…

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Theme Simple, version 4

Theme Simple has been updated to version 4. It applies to derivated themes Simple Grey, Simple Black, Simple White and Simple Sunset. The main changes are on the page of the photo as you can see on the 2 following screenshots, comparing version 3 and…

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Read-only mode is over

The read-only mode is now over. It took much more time than expected (17 hours approximately, including a whole night if you’re in America or Europe). We’re really sorry about that and this is why we have added 3 days on all subscriptions and trial…

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Planned read-only mode

In 1 hour, will activate its “read-only” mode: you won’t be able to use your administration panel and upload photos, but the visitors can still browse the gallery. During the few hours of the “read-only” period, we will redirect visitors to the spare server…

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New Plugin: GThumb+

A new plugin is available on your screen [Administration > Plugins > Manage]: GThumb+. This plugin modifies the design of the thumbnails page. All thumbnails have the same height, except the first one which takes 2 lines. Plugin GThumb+ doesn’t modify your existing thumbnails, it…

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Theme Stripped version 2

Theme Stripped, born only one year ago but already very popular among Piwigo users, is now updated to version 2. This theme was created by Julien Capitaine (aka Zaphod), amateur photographer, user and talented contributor to Piwigo. Version 2 brings improvements on graphical and layout…

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Google+ button

Direct competitor to Facebook, Google+ is a social media launched in June 2011, only 3 months ago. Subscriptions have been publicly opened for about 1 month. The photographers are very present on Google+. By “circling” a few of them, you get a nice photo stream to browse. Thanks to the Google+1 plugin, available on the [Administration> Plugins> Manage], you can display a dedicated button for…

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Jielbe, Featured Gallery

Jielbe was a Piwigo user even before was born in 2010. He has successfully moved his photo gallery to “A picture is worth a thousand words” is written (in french) on his banner. Jielbe makes us travel all around the world, discover events and…

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Referral Program

We have a referral program on The way it works is easy: when a new user subscribes with your referral code, then both of you get an extra month for free. Each account gets a referral code as soon as the subscription is…

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