User Management : what’s new in Piwigo 11

As we announced a few weeks ago, the new version of Piwigo is full of new features. Great news: it is finally deployed on, for all new accounts and for most of our customers! We plan to present to you the new features in several blog posts. Today, let’s focus on the updates in the field of user management.

Group manager redesign

We have completely rewritten the group manager, to bring a better, cleaner and more modern user experience.


Reminder: what are user groups for?

With Piwigo, you can create different user groups, and determine for each group which private albums they have access to. And you can then associate each user to one or more groups.
This is especially useful for companies and organisations that use Piwigo. For example, a company might create a group for the communication department, a group for the sales department, and a group for press agencies.
It’s also very practical when several entities, several structures use the same Piwigo: this is the case of our client Icam, which has created a shared photo library for its 11 campuses; or for the Cotentin Tourism Office, which manages the tourism communication of 130 municipalities.

We have therefore kept all the previous features of the Group Manager, but we have made the user experience much nicer.



In the animation below you can have a look at the new group manager.

That’s not all: you can now add a user to a group directly from the group screen, without going through the user manager, saving time for Piwigo administrators.

User manager, smarter selection

We have made a slight improvement to user management in Piwigo v11. From now on, you can select all the members of a group and edit them as a batch: only the members of the group will be impacted. So it’s easier to control the permissions of your different user groups. Previously, you had to select them manually.

Login with your email address

Forgot your Piwigo username? No problem, from version 11, you can also log in to Piwigo with your email address. It might be a small detail, but one that can make a difference.

That’s it for today!

See you in a new blog post very soon. We will present all the new features related to photo (and other files) management in Piwigo.