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A new look for

If you have visited the site in the past few weeks, you will have noticed: we have completely redone the style and contents of our pages (and it is not finished yet!). Here are a few explications.

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New subscription form subscription form gets a full redesign, with 3 goals in mind: improve VAT management, give choice between Individual and Enterprise plans, make it possible to subscribe for several years.

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Maintenance report of April 28th 2017 clients have already received this message. Many users told us they were happy to receive such details about our technical operations so but let’s make it more “public” with a blog post!

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Contribute to Demo

We’re starting a new project: an “always fresh” Piwigo demo, with photos coming from Piwigo users, all over the world.

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2.8 piwigo

Piwigo 2.8 on all accounts

We’re proud to tell you that 100% accounts have been updated to Piwigo version 2.8 less than 72 hours after it was officially released. It sets a new record!

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The elephant, one symbol of Nantes. Thank you Frederic Augris for the photo.

Moving to LA

… like “Loire Atlantique”, in the west of France! Pigolabs, the company behind, has officially moved to Nantes. We are proud to join such a dynamic city, particularly active in the digital domain but also in open source software.

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Today we publish a new page on presentation website: Infrastructure. You will learn where and how your photos are hosted. You will also learn which measures we have implemented to make a safe place for your photos. technical infrastructure, where and how are your photos stored? Special thanks…

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