8 examples of customized Piwigo galleries

Piwigo is known for being very customizable. We offer many themes, in addition to Modus which is installed by default on all new galleries. Each theme can be declined in many color schemes and have multiple configuration options.

For our enterprise clients who wish to do so, we can customize the gallery to their colors.

In this article, we show you 8 examples of custom Piwigo galleries!

La Seine à Vélo

La Seine à Vélo is a project initiated by 15 local authorities in France to promote cycle tourism on the banks of the Seine, through a cycle route that goes from Paris to Le Havre.

The communication team has set up a photo library with Piwigo to organize and share all the communication assets: logo, brand guidelines, photos, press releases…

The gallery is based on the Bootstrap Darkoom theme, customized with the colors of La Seine à Vélo.

Visit the photo library : https://laseineavelo.piwigo.com

customize piwigo


Siblu manages 21 top-of-the-range campsites in France and 3 in Netherlands. They offer several types of accommodation:

  • purchase of mobile homes for individuals
  • rental of mobile home vacations

The Siblu team has been using Piwigo since 2015. The photo library is used by the marketing team and by each of the 24 villages. It centralizes all visual communication assets: photos, brochures … It is used to feed the website, social networks…

Siblu’s Piwigo gallery is based on the  Bootstrap Darkoom theme. We customized the homepage to be centered on the Piwigo login form, with a link to the photo library usage policy.

Visit the photo library: https://siblu.piwigo.com

customize piwigo
The Siblu team has also done a nice job of personalizing the thumbnails of each album.
customize piwigo

Wessex Water

Wessex Water is a water and sewerage company serving 2.8 million customers in the South West of England, and employing around 3,500 people.

The digital team set up Piwigo to centralize and easily find all image and video content used for internal and external communication.

The gallery is not public: it is only used by the company’s staff.

Wessex Water uses the Modus theme, and has customized the gallery homepage in an original way, by associating an icon to each album, which represents its content: logos, campaigns, customers, environment…

customize piwigo

The Ascott Limited

The Ascott Limited owns and operates over 100,000 tourism and business accommodations in more than 200 cities worldwide, marketed under several brands (Citadines Apart’Hotel, Ascott The Residence, The Crest Collection, lyf…).

The European branch of The Ascott Limited manages its photo library with Piwigo. 

The gallery, created with the Modus theme, proposes to search for an image by clicking on an interactive map.

customized photo library
customized photo library


ICAM is an engineering school present on 11 geographical sites. The communication department uses Piwigo to centralize the photo libraries of each campus, and thus have a unique repository while managing user access, copyright and image usage rights. To learn more, read our case study: A shared photo library for Icam campuses.

Icam’s Piwigo gallery is based on the Modus theme; it is customized with the school’s colors, with a selection of random photos that rotate on the homepage. This gallery has many public albums, so feel free to check it out.

Visit the photo library : https://photos.icam.fr/ 

customized photo library

Protection International

Protection International is an NGO that supports human rights defenders in over 30 countries around the world.

Its photo library created with Piwigo is customized to its colors from the Modus theme, with a beautiful homepage that integrates the login form for users.

customized photo library

Manufacture Jean Rousseau

Manufacture Jean Rousseau is a French company specialized in watch straps and luxury leather goods.

Its photo library is private: only the press releases are available to the public.

It has been customized from the Modus theme, respecting the group’s brand guidelines, with a full-page image on the home page of the gallery.

Visit the photo library : https://jean-rousseau.net/

customized photo library
customized photo library

Orléans Val de Loire Tourisme

Another nice customization of the Bootstrap Darkroom theme for the Tourist Office of Orleans (France), with the login form on the front page and a photo in the background.

customized photo library

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