The Cotentin Tourist Office simplifies the sharing and distribution of its digital media

The “Société Publique Locale de développement touristique du Cotentin” was created in 2017; it is the result of the merger of Cotentin tourist offices in Normandy, France..

It manages tourist communication and its website

The challenge: to simplify the organization and sharing of data

Christine Semilly-Lagalle, Assistant in charge of the Communication Department, is in charge of the photo library for the Cotentin Tourist Office. Photos are used to create brochures, feed the website and social networks. The place of image is very important in tourist communication: it has therefore a key role.

However, the organization they had before Piwigo was not satisfactory: the photo library was stored on an external hard drive that was shared by the team members. After the shootings, the photographers distributed the photos on CDs. External sharing was done via We Transfer. It was difficult to simply access content, everything took time. The risk of data loss was significant. It was therefore decided to set up a shared photo library.

The choice of Piwigo

After research and tool comparisons, Piwigo was chosen to set up the Tourist Office's online photo library. It was necessary to have an easy-to-use solution that would allow to manage different access rights (administration, adding photos, searching for photos...)... and at a reasonable cost.


Today, Piwigo is used by about twenty people: 4 administrators, about ten internal users who access the photo library to "do their shopping", but also external users (photographers, communication agency). File sharing, internally but also with partners and other administrations, has become much faster and easier! The whole organization is fluidified.

Piwigo allows us to save our photos in a secure and shared space: it is a collaborative tool that makes it much easier to share files, internally but also with our service providers and partners. I am satisfied with the use of Piwigo.
Christine Semilly-Lagalle, Assistant in charge of the Communication Department, Cotentin Tourist Office

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