The ultimate image library software for the tourism industry

Images and videos have become major assets for communication in the tourism industry. Many private and public organizations have chosen Piwigo to manage their online image library.

Hotels and hospitality
Tourist Information Centers
Ski resorts
Centralize and organize all your visual communication media while keeping your data safe
Communicate efficiently on social networks with up-to-date visuals
Optimize the production of your communication media: brochures, websites, flyers, etc.
Share your official photos and logos effectively with your partners
Share your photos with the general public thanks to your online photo gallery
Highlight your iconographic heritage

They chose Piwigo to manage their digital resources in a simple, efficient way


We use Piwigo to share and access our photos from all our information centres, without having to overload our dropbox. It is useful and easy to use.

photo Anthony Favier, Travel consultant, Tourist Information Centre Coeur du Bassin d’Arcachon

With Piwigo, all of our Siblu brand graphic elements are accessible and available for our 19 campsites in France. This is a real time saving for all teams. Piwigo offers an easy-to-use and very useful classification tool, which enables us to quickly find photos or videos thanks to tags, albums or comments.

photo Émilie Sancéau, Communication & Product Marketing Assistante, Siblu

Previously, our photos were stored on external hard drive and CDs, and indexed in a spreadsheet. A real challenge to find a file! Now it has become very easy and fast for the whole team to navigate through our photo library. Piwigo has completely changed the way we work! We chose Piwigo because the tool was complete, easy to use and affordable.

photo Rémi, Documentation Manager, Museum Archea

Piwigo allows us to save our photos in a secure and shared space: it is a collaborative tool that makes it much easier to share files, internally but also with our partners. I am satisfied with the use of Piwigo.

photo Christine, Communication Department, Tourist Information Centre in Cotentin

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