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Our story

Back in 2001, when he was a student in computer science, Pierrick bought his first digital camera. Wanting to share photos with his far-off family, he decided to combine his two interests by creating web-based software for photo-sharing. In 2002, inspired by his student projects, he decided to release Piwigo under an open source license.
In the beginning, the software was developed under the name PhpWebGallery. It soon attracted a community of users, contributors, developers and translators with one common goal: to facilitate the remote sharing of photo collections within a group, a team or a family. In 2009 the software was renamed Piwigo.
Piwigo.com, an all-inclusive service, was launched in 2010. Its goal was to bring Piwigo to more users by removing the technical barriers to installation and maintenance. Initially recommended to individuals, then freelance photographers, the solution has increasingly attracted organizations, companies and associations that need to work collaboratively to manage their photo libraries.
Our clients are all over the world: from Canada to New Zealand, Europe and Asia.
We are based in Nantes on the West Coast of Europe!

Our mission, our values.

Our mission

What is Piwigo's mission? To enable all organizations, from large-scale public administration to the local football club, to manage their photo libraries in an efficient, long-term, affordable manner.


Our prices are public, and they aren't decided on a "case-by-case" basis. Our roadmap and bug tracker are public too. When breakdowns occur, they are explained and our infrastructure is improved accordingly.


Piwigo's adoption of open source and public development ensures its long-term durability. Piwigo was born 16 years ago, and Piwigo.com 8 years ago. Piwigo.com customers are free to change hosts at any time. We are firmly against "vendor lock-in" for our customers.

Affordable cost

We offer an "off-the-shelf" solution instead of "customized" software, at a fraction of the price, that covers 95% of your needs. For certain specific needs that aren't met by Piwigo's existing features, a plugin can be added!