One unique platform for all your media

Is your media library a mess ? With Piwigo, you can centralize, organize, share all your media files. Easily and safely.

checkbox-iconHost all of your photos, videos and digital files

All your digital content in one place

checkbox-icon Say goodbye to your external hard drives, USB sticks, network directories
checkbox-icon Store all your digital media in a secure online platform
checkbox-icon No more duplicates or lost files

checkbox-iconClassify and organize your files

Organize your media library in a flexible, smart way

checkbox-icon Set up the filing system that works for you
checkbox-icon Save your favorite files and create personal collections
checkbox-icon Stop wasting time searching for the file you need!

checkbox-iconPermissions, collaboration and sharing

A collaborative image library for your team and your partners

checkbox-icon Open your photo library to an unlimited number of users
checkbox-icon Carefully manage everyone's permissions and access
checkbox-icon Share, exchange and collaborate more efficiently!

checkbox-iconYour personalized photo gallery

An infinite number of options to create your personalized photo library

checkbox-icon 30 graphic themes and 100 plugins to customize your gallery
checkbox-icon Many settings and configuration options
checkbox-icon Your photo library, customized to your colors!

checkbox-iconStatistics and reporting

Reliable data to manage the use of your photo library

checkbox-icon Easily view traffic on your photo gallery
checkbox-icon Discover the most popular albums and photos
checkbox-icon Integrate third-party analytical tools

checkbox-iconSecurity and privacy

A robust, secure technical platform

checkbox-icon Don't risk losing your files by mistake
checkbox-icon Host your photo library in France on dedicated servers
checkbox-icon Retain control and ownership of your data

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