Powerful features to meet any challenge

Just because Piwigo is accessible to all, doesn't mean we've ignored your specific needs. Piwigo includes all the key features of an online image library software and digital asset manager.

Cloud Photos, videos and documents hosting

All your digital content in one place

Whatever their format, you can upload all the files you work with to your Piwigo account: designs, photos you have purchased online, communication visuals, brochures and even videos.

Your content won't be scattered across various servers, hard drives and USB sticks anymore. Now it can be centralized in a single secure web space.

Cloud Classification and file indexing

Organize your media library in a flexible, intelligent way.

With unlimited albums and sub-albums, tags, and keywords, Piwigo allows you to create the classification system that suits you best.

This classification is flexible and scalable. It's easy to modify any attribute of a file, individually or by batch.

Cloud Permission management, collaboration and sharing

A collaborative image library for your team and your partners

Forget external hard drives, file transfers, and shared servers. Sharing and publishing your content has never been easier.

Manage access to your image library for employees, external service providers, and the general public in a flexible, specific way. Whether you want to create a personalized public image library or a workspace protected by user permissions, with Piwigo you will find the solution you need.

Cloud Your customized photo gallery

An infinite number of options to create your personalized photo library

Every image library is unique. That's why Piwigo lets you to choose from a variety of different design themes. The colors, logo options, banners, and configuration and display options allow you to create a photo gallery that reflects who you are. Our plugin system lets you add dozens of features to the basic Piwigo configuration.

Cloud Share your image library with the world

Your public photo gallery on the web

Piwigo lets you create a web space to publish your photo gallery online. You can share your entire image library, or just part of it. You can allow web users download the files, rate them or even add their own comment. From portfolios to brand portals, heritage archives, and press resource, Piwigo can meet all your needs!

Security Security and backup

A robust, secure technical platform

Your digital resources are precious. You can't just rely on a basic hard drive to back up your files! When you choose Piwigo.com, you choose a flexible, reliable, and secure hosting solution. We take care of everything, including backups. Did you delete an album by mistake? We can restore your data.

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