Full screen slideshow

Until recently, full screen slideshow in Piwigo implied the use of Flash with plugin Cooliris. The new plugin Fotorama brings full screen without Flash and with a much better image quality.

Full screen slideshow with plugin Fotorama (here a 1680 pixels wide screen)

Full screen slideshow with plugin Fotorama (here a 1440 pixels wide screen, with navigation square thumbnails)

Plugin Fotorama simply replaces the default slideshow (no specific icon) and offers many options, such as the transition (crossfade, dissolve…) or the navigation style (dots, thumbnails or nothing).

For a high image quality, Fotorama automatically displays the biggest possible photo size, depending on your screen size.

One Reply to “Full screen slideshow”

  1. I have installed plugin Fotorama and it looks good, thanks.

    However, there are a lot of configuration options and it would be helpful to have an explanation.
    For example, what is “Fullscreen navigation style”? But all of them need describing.

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