New subscription form subscription form gets a full redesign, with 3 goals in mind: improve VAT management, give choice between Individual and Enterprise plans, make it possible to subscribe for several years. Read More

Server failures in october and november 2017

The huge downtime at OVH that occurred on November 9th 2017 was quite like an earthquake for the European web. Of course was impacted. But before that, we lived the server failure of October 7th and another one on October 14th. Let’s describe and explain what happened. Read More Enterprise plans, now official!

In the shadow of the standard plan for several years and yet already adopted by more than 50 organizations, it is time to officially introduce the Enterprise plans. They were designed for organizations, private or public, looking for a simple, affordable and yet complete tool to manage their collection of photos. Read More

HTTPS is live on

Some of you were waiting for it, others don’t know yet what it’s all about!

HTTPS is the way to encrypt communications between your web browser and the website you visit. Your Piwigo for instance. It is mainly useful for the log in form and administration pages. Your password is no longer sent in “plain text” through internet nodes, like your internet provider or servers. Read More

Referral program, reloaded

Spending money on expensive advertising campaigns to recruit new customers, for, is an unpredictable return on investment. Because relies on the satisfaction of its existing customer base, as being the most important selling point, it has been decided to spend our advertising budget on rewarding our existing customer base for introducing new customers in the shape of their friends and colleagues. Read More technical infrastructure

Today we publish a new page on presentation website: Infrastructure. You will learn where and how your photos are hosted. You will also learn which measures we have implemented to make a safe place for your photos. technical infrastructure, where and how are your photos stored? technical infrastructure, where and how are your photos stored?

Special thanks to Tadjio for correcting the page.

Feel free to ask questions if you want to learn more about our infrastructure.

Planned system upgrade, read-only mode (completed)

On Friday January 9th 2012, 4AM UTC, we plan an important system upgrade on a few servers.

No downtime to expect, but during approximately 1h your Piwigo will switch to read-only mode: you won’t be able to upload photos or open the administration panel.

  • Los Angeles, USA = 8PM on January 8th 2015
  • New-York-City, USA = 11PM on January 8th 2015
  • London, UK = 4AM on January 9th 2015
  • Paris, France = 5AM on January 9th 2015
  • Berlin, Germany = 6AM on January 9th 2015
  • Auckland, New Zealand = 5PM on January 9th 2015

Edit on January 9th 2015, 05h26AM UTC/GMT: operation completed, read-only mode stopped after 70 minutes.

Full screen slideshow

Until recently, full screen slideshow in Piwigo implied the use of Flash with plugin Cooliris. The new plugin Fotorama brings full screen without Flash and with a much better image quality.

Full screen slideshow with plugin Fotorama (here a 1680 pixels wide screen)

Full screen slideshow with plugin Fotorama (here a 1440 pixels wide screen, with navigation square thumbnails)

Plugin Fotorama simply replaces the default slideshow (no specific icon) and offers many options, such as the transition (crossfade, dissolve…) or the navigation style (dots, thumbnails or nothing).

For a high image quality, Fotorama automatically displays the biggest possible photo size, depending on your screen size.