Piwigo Application for iPhone/iPad and Android

Piwigo is now available on iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android. Actually, it’s the very same application for the two most popular smartphones and tablets.

Piwigo for iOS, upload photos in your Piwigo gallery from your iPhone

Piwigo for iOS, upload photos in your Piwigo gallery from your iPhone

The Piwigo application empowers you to connect to your Piwigo gallery, create some albums and upload several photos at once. The application was not designed to browse your gallery but to perform basic administration tasks, such as photo upload. Our goal is to create a simple and intuitive tool.

The application for mobile has been created by Patrice Gauchon, member of the Piwigo team.


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17 Responses to Piwigo Application for iPhone/iPad and Android

  1. Stephan says:

    Hi there,

    First: I love your program — easy to use, yet flexible to modify a lot of things.

    I have used the iphone app and it is a great addition. I am using the community plugin so that other trusted users (such as my wife) may be able to upload pictures and create albums as well. However, if she uses her user name and password in the settings on the iphone app, she is the not able to see the albums or upload pictures.

    I was wondering whether you are working on combining the iphone app with the community plugin such that other users can use the app to upload and create albums.



  2. Nik says:


    how can I get the APK without using a third party app store?


    • Patrice Gauchon says:


      Sorry, it’s not possible at this time.

      • Nik says:


        I can guide you through the steps necessary for it if you like.

        I understand that not all developers know how to upload files to websites, so if you appreciate my help, fell free to ask!

  3. Leon says:

    Hi all,

    As Stephan, I try to use the Piwigo iphone App with community plugin.
    It does not work properly because I can’t choose an album, I have the following choices :
    * ——
    * undefined

    From the website I create an album and set permission to the user and I get the same.

    Do you have any solutions ?
    For information I use the latest version of Piwigo (2.5.0) and the community plugin (2.5.b)

    Thanks for you help.

  4. Hi, is this program open source? I can’t find much information about it… If it is it would be good to add it to the f-droid repository: https://f-droid.org/


  5. Cool, thanks! Would be nice to see it in the f-droid repos soon then 😉

  6. François says:

    Hi Pierrick,

    Thanks for this usefull apps.
    I was trying to select several pictures in one time than adding it one by one (+add photo -> select album-> scrool and select one picture, and do the same for each picture) .
    Is there a way to do that (select all? or a multiselection?) ? If not I’m voting for this feature!

    Best Regards,


    • Hi François,

      There is no way to do multiselection with Piwigo Mobile.

      We will implement HTML5 upload in Piwigo 2.7 (that’s the roadmap) and then you will be able to multiselect directly in Piwigo (no need to use Piwigo Mobile)

  7. rickx123456 says:

    I am having the same problem. I have the iphone app and am unable to see the albulms.. Just


    If I add an albulm, it does appear on the web site root for albulms, but I still can not see in the iphone app.

  8. rickx123456 says:

    Hello all,
    I have a clean install of 2.6, I have not added any plugins, templates, nothing only a clean 2.6 (yesterday)… I am using PHP: 5.4.21… my phone is iPhone 4, the iPhone app is not working correctly, no albums are appearing, only —– and undefined, if I do add a folder is does add to the root folders, but it still does not appear on the iPhone app. any idea’s? Also, this app worked before I did made a clean install of 2.6

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