Piwigo.com website new design

Piwigo.com website gets a new design. Main changes are on the home page: big background photo, more space, less text. We have also created a drop down menu and a bigger footer. We hope you like it! Design by Thomas Malandain and Florian Pasqué.

Piwigo.com new home page

Piwigo.com new home page

The big background photo is taken randomly from a list of photos. Currently we have one from Radu Velicescu (team member) and one from Jean-Philippe Pichardie (user). If you want to contribute and have one of your panoramic photo featured on Piwigo.com home page, contact us!

2 Replies to “Piwigo.com website new design”

  1. It looks good. I like it.

    What pixel size / aspect ratio would you like us to submit our panoramic photos to have them featured on Piwigo.com home page?

    1. Thank you Tadjio 🙂

      Ideal size: minimum 2048 pixels wide, minimum 500 pixels high, ratio width/height > 3.5.

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