Piwigo 2.6 on Piwigo.com

As of March 12th 2014, all Piwigo.com accounts have been upgraded to Piwigo 2.6.

Some of you already know that Piwigo 2.6 has been released a few days ago (and even a bug fixing version 2.6.1). Once you have seen the 2.6 Release Notes, you naturally ask how to get this new version on your Piwigo.com.

New user manager in Piwigo 2.6: faster and easier to user

New user manager in Piwigo 2.6: faster and easier to user

Be patient. Yes Piwigo 2.6 has been released but it doesn’t mean all plugins and themes are already compatible with this new version. Many of them have been updated, so we’re going to start working on Piwigo 2.6 for Piwigo.com. We have a few changes to apply, such as the account manager (subscription, referrals, data retrieval).

On Piwigo.com, you don’t manage updates, so it’s useless to try by yourself. The update to Piwigo 2.6 will be applied automatically without any action from you. Then you are notified by email with a summary of changes. The update can be performed once all your active plugins/themes are available in Piwigo 2.6. So if you want Piwigo 2.6 quickly, make sure you deactivate plugins you don’t really use.

Stay tuned