The Blog is launched!

Today thursday June 23rd 2011, I’m proud to announce the opening of official blog. Here you will find some news and advices about how to use your photo gallery efficiently, some announcements related to new features, themes and plugins.

Here follow some general information about the Piwigo family:

Piwigo is an open source software, designed to create a photo gallery on the web. Piwigo was born in 2002, 9 years ago. Its name was PhpWebGallery until “recently” in 2009. is the website which distributes the software Piwigo and where developments take place : source code manager, bug tracker and technical discussions. There you can also find some help on forums and plugins provided by the community. is the hosted version of Piwigo: instead of downloading and installing it on your own web hosting, is a “ready to use” solution including hosting and boring tasks such as installation, updates and backups. also provide a dedicated support by email. was launched in June 2010 and subscriptions were opened on January 2011.