KMP Photography, Featured Gallery

The photo gallery KMP Photography gathers various photography types, from landscapes to sport, including portraits, black & white and clouds in the sky. To make it short, a set of high quality photos.

KMP Photography, landscapes, portraits, sport, black and white

KMP Photography, landscapes, portraits, sport, black & white

The photo gallery is nicely customized. There you’ll find a graphical banner, a custom home page, a random photo on the homepage, a list of links (albums, contact, news, guest book, log in, private section), a guest book made with a specific photo based on user comments and also legal warnings in a PWG Stuffs block.

KMP Photography also uses a powerful feature of Piwigo: permissions. Some photos and albums are private on his gallery.

For the record, note that KMP Photography is the first paid customer of Thanks to his feedback on the payment form, we have changed the length of the trial period: whatever the day you decide to subscribe, does not reduce the 30 days of trial. The subscription period starts at the end of the first 30 days. Thanks to him, all customers have won a few free days!

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