One simple plan, 39/year

Beyond Piwigo features to publish photos, here follows what's included in the plan.

The standard plan is reserved for use by individuals, associations with a single employee and legal persons exercising their profession as independent or as a sole proprietorship. For companies and organizations, public or private, we have some Enterprise plans →

Try for free, no commitment

Each new account gets a 30-day free trial period with no limitation on number of photos and you have full access to our customer support.


As an individual or sole proprietorship, you have an unlimited storage space and unlimited number of photos.


You can pay with your credit card on the secured website of our bank or with your PayPal account or through wire transfer if you live in any european country.


Your gallery is backed up every night on a dedicated server. In case of mishandling, don't panic: we keep a 30-day history of your database.

Automatic upgrades

Compared to self-hosted Piwigo, we manage small updates and big upgrades, this is totally invisible to the user, you can rest easy and safely!

Your own domain name

Your gallery will automatically get an address like With no additional fee, you can add your own domain name... like for instance.

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