Toxa, Featured Gallery

Toxa invites you to travel in many places of the world : Borneo, Costa Rica, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Thailand and in the USA. Many landscapes, but also portraits and a nice set of animals. Read More

Google+ button

Direct competitor to Facebook, Google+ is a social media launched in June 2011, only 3 months ago. Subscriptions have been publicly opened for about 1 month. The photographers are very present on Google+. By “circling” a few of them, you get a nice photo stream to browse.
Thanks to the Google+1 plugin, available on the [Administration> Plugins> Manage], you can display a dedicated button for Google+ with 2 functions:

  1. the first click lets you say publicly that you like a photo or a gallery page (equivalent to the “like” button of Facebook)

    Google+ : +1 a photo or a page from your Piwigo photo gallery

    Google+ : +1 a photo or a page from your Piwigo photo gallery

  2. the second click lets you share the photo as a message in Google+ and all the people who “circles” you will see the photo in their stream, with a link to your Piwigo gallery.

    Google+ : share a page from your Piwigo photo gallery

    Google+ : share a page from your Piwigo photo gallery

By the way, if you’re already on Google+, add me in you circles: Pierrick Le Gall profile on Google+. I mainly write about Piwigo!

Future Piwigo 2.3, want to give a try?

Piwigo is constantly evolving. Every month a new minor version is released, including bug fixes and adding small features. Every six months a new major version is released, including new features and important changes. This is completely invisible to users because we care about software upgrades.

The next major version is Piwigo 2.3. The beta-testing is starting. We give all details on the announcement of Piwigo 2.3.0RC1. Here follows an example of improvement in Piwigo 2.3:

Upload Form in Piwigo 2.3

The upload form was seriously improved. Among visible improvements, you will find a simpler album selector, maximum filesize and dimensions displayed before you select some photos, a selection button translated in all languages, a progress bar for the whole upload and last but not least, the photos are displayed as soon as they are uploaded, progressively.

We propose you to test the new features, give your opinion and help us to make Piwigo 2.3 as stable and robust as possible. If you are interested and wish to participate, tell us and we will provide you a “ready to use” environment for testing.

Partnership with Wedding Photographers

Wedding is one of the few occasions in which individuals call a professional photographer. Any modern photographer usually delivers a DVD with all photos inside. Sometimes, the very modern photographer adds a private album with a selection of pictures of the wedding in its own online photo gallery. Thus, the newlyweds and their families can come and admire the dress of the bride and the arrival of the cake (via the website of the photographer who thus improves his own visibility).

Wedding, out of church, by Bernard Le Gall

Wedding, out of church, by Bernard Le Gall proposes a partnership to wedding photographers in order to go one step further: delivering a complete photo gallery, pre-filled with all the wedding pictures to the newlyweds. Thus the photographer expands his own offer. Here is the way the partnership works:

  1. once the photos are ready, the photographer opens a new account for his customers on
  2. the photographer adds the photos to the gallery
  3. the photographer delivers the photo gallery to his customers

On side, we transform the trial period “1 month for free” into “6 months for free” for accounts created under this partnership. Let’s summarize:

  1. the photographer improves his own offer with an attractive option, that do not generate a lot of additional work
  2. the newlyweds wins because they get a functionnal photo gallery right away
  3. gets a potential customer and immediate visibility

If you’re interested in this offer try it for your next wedding session. If you know some wedding photographers, tell them about this offer. At the next wedding you attend, tell it to the newlyweds or to the photographer!

Photo by Bernard Le Gall

Jielbe, Featured Gallery

Jielbe was a Piwigo user even before was born in 2010. He has successfully moved his photo gallery to “A picture is worth a thousand words” is written (in french) on his banner. Jielbe makes us travel all around the world, discover events and studio portraits. Read More

Referral Program

We have a referral program on The way it works is easy: when a new user subscribes with your referral code, then both of you get an extra month for free.

Each account gets a referral code as soon as the subscription is confirmed. You can find this code on your screen [Administration > My Account > Referrals]

Get your referral code from your account administration panel

Get your referral code from your account administration panel

Where does the new user enters your referral code? on his subscription management screen [Administration > My Account > Subscription]

Enter a referral code on your subscription form

Enter a referral code on your subscription form

When the new user confirms his subscription, you receive a notification by email. notifies you by email when you get a new referred user notifies you by email when you get a new referred user

Did I forget to say that there was no limit on the number of referred users? It simply means that if you get enough of them you won’t pay any subscription renewal for a very long time! 10 referred users = 10 extra months for free, 20 referred users = 20 extra months for free…

The Blog is launched!

Today thursday June 23rd 2011, I’m proud to announce the opening of official blog. Here you will find some news and advices about how to use your photo gallery efficiently, some announcements related to new features, themes and plugins.

Here follow some general information about the Piwigo family:

Piwigo is an open source software, designed to create a photo gallery on the web. Piwigo was born in 2002, 9 years ago. Its name was PhpWebGallery until “recently” in 2009. is the website which distributes the software Piwigo and where developments take place : source code manager, bug tracker and technical discussions. There you can also find some help on forums and plugins provided by the community. is the hosted version of Piwigo: instead of downloading and installing it on your own web hosting, is a “ready to use” solution including hosting and boring tasks such as installation, updates and backups. also provide a dedicated support by email. was launched in June 2010 and subscriptions were opened on January 2011.