Why Piwigo?

There are plenty of reasons to choose Piwigo, but to help you out we've selected the most common ones. What will your reason be?

It's the most complete solution for tight budgets

With Piwigo, you don't just have an online storage space. You have a true digital asset management tool, with a complete selection of features, at a reasonable price. In fact, the plans available at Piwigo.com are designed to allow any organization to equip itself with an efficient, secure tool to manage their image library, even on a limited budget. To find out more, visit our Pricing page.

Intuitive and easy to learn

Finally, easy-to-use image library software! Professional image library software is often a labyrinth. But not Piwigo. We do our best to ensure that Piwigo, despite its many features, remains easy to learn for non-expert users. We pay particular attention to the application's ease of use, and attach great importance to user autonomy.

The advantages of open source, the simplicity of SaaS

Above all, Piwigo is open source software, and absolutely free. It is built in an open, contributional way. Community members from all over the world contribute to it through coding, testing or translation. The open source model has now proven its worth in terms of cost, durability and scalability. But open source software requires installation, hosting, and frequent updates, and not everyone wants or is able to do it all.

When you choose a Piwigo.com plan, you pay a membership fee to use Piwigo, and we take care of hosting it on the cloud. There's nothing to install or configure. Everything functions on your web browser, or via a mobile application. And if you change your mind, Piwigo.com allows you to move Piwigo to your own server.

A responsive, understanding support team

With Piwigo.com, your support requests aren't answered by a chatbot, but a live Piwigo expert based in France. The Piwigo.com support team is committed to providing assistance to its customers throughout their Piwigo experience. It's a true long-term relationship! You can reach us by email or phone when needed. We're always here, ready to assist and advise you in your discovery of Piwigo. Enterprise client requests receive priority treatment, and are usually resolved within a few hours.

Security and respect of your personal data

Europe-based hosting

We rent our servers from OVH, a French company. In the field of hosting, OVH is number 1 in Europe and number 3 worldwide. Each Piwigo.com account is hosted on one of our dedicated servers. This means that we have full control over the server, and it is not shared with any other OVH customers.

Respect of your personal data

The key to understanding respect of personal data lies in a service provider's business model. Piwigo.com generates its revenue from customer subscriptions, not from advertising. "Zero advertising" means "zero targeting," which results in zero sharing of personal data with third parties! That's why your personal data and the digital content you store with Piwigo remain your property, and we will never use them.

Redundant disk arrays and backup servers

Each server includes redundant hard disks. If a disk dies, its "twin" continues to operate on its own without any interruption of service or loss of data. Each server also has a backup server, which is synchronized every night with the "master" server. The two servers are not in the same data centers. If a fire occurs in one data center, for example, we won't lose both servers at the same time! Even though there is no such thing as zero risk, we do everything we can to ensure that your data stays safe.

Backup system

Your data is backed up every night and we retain the last 30 backups, which means we can restore your files even if you delete them by mistake! In addition, every 15 minutes our backup system checks for changes in your Piwigo account and saves them on the backup server.