Why Piwigo.com ?

... or how Piwigo.com can be compared to other photo sharing websites?

We respect your privacy

Our goal is to provide a creation and hosting service for photo galleries, not a pretext to gather and sell as many personal data as possible.

Sustainability and no vendor lock-in

You can get your data back: photos, albums, tags, descriptions, visit history.... and install Piwigo for free on any other web hosting provider.

Keep control on your photos

You remain proprietary of your photos. In no way you transfer the property of your photos to Piwigo.com thanks to abusive terms of use that nobody ever read.

Your gallery is customizable

Piwigo.com is not a social network where nothing is more like John's page than Matt's page! Combining a theme, a few plugins and display options make your Piwigo gallery unique.

No advertisement

We never display any advertisement on your pages. Only your photos and information you have chosen to display.

Your photos in their original quality

No mandatory reduction on the resolution of your photos. Your photos are just like when you upload them, with no loss in quality.

No requirement for your visitors to register

Your visitors can register with no requirement on your gallery: no need to create an account on a social network or on a search engine.

One plan, simple and clear

With a unique price for an unlimited use without optionnal paid features. From the beginning, you know the cost on the long term.

Real humans for email customer support

A customer support is available by email. You don't need to ask your questions on a public forum, so don't hesitate, no question is stupid, we will reply shortly and with a smile :-D