Wessex Water chose Piwigo for Digital Asset Management

Wessex Water is a water supply and sewerage utility company serving 2.8 million customers across the south west of England, with about 3,500 employees.

The challenge : a centralised and safe photo library for corporate images

Wessex Water has an important use of digital assets, for both internal and external uses. Photos and videos are used by all the departments, for various purposes : Intranet, Digital signage, presentations, websites, events, PR campaigns and social media.

Before Piwigo, all these assets were stored in lots of different places : Computers, Sharepoint, Onedrive, Outlook, Network drives, Local drives and CDs.

When someone needed a picture, they never knew who to go to, or where to look for it. It was also difficult to know which version of a file was the right one, and managing GDPR and image rights was complicated.

We had a real issue of quality control, and we struggled finding and organising all our digital media.
Tom Chippendale, Digital Delivery Manager

The choice of Piwigo

At Wessex Water, the digital team (10 people) is responsible for everything regarding digital tools and media, including channel management, content, digital design and video production... They work with all the other departments to understand their content and asset needs.

In 2020, they decided to look for a Digital Asset Management Software (DAM), to structure and organise the media distribution across the company.

After looking at several DAMs on the market, they discovered Piwigo, following the recommendation of a City Council who was already a Piwigo client.

We didn’t want something too complicated. Piwigo was easy to use and quick to implement, and the cost was a big plus. There was no similar product on the market with the same price.
Tom Chippendale, Digital Delivery Manager

An easy deployment

Before deploying Piwigo, the digital team did a great job to define the classification rules and the process for submitting and publishing a resource on the Piwigo gallery. A checklist and some tagging rules have been written.

It took 3 months to get it right with the organisation. The work is outside Piwigo itself : it was about process definition and communication. People did not have any problem adopting Piwigo, it is really easy to use.
Tom Chippendale, Digital Delivery Manager


At the time we are writing this article, Wessex Water’s Piwigo has 50 users in the department (including 4 administrators). The deployment is progressive: lots of employees don’t have direct access to the platform, and still have to ask when they need a specific asset, but the digital team is gradually extending the use of Piwigo all over the company.

The benefits are already numerous. Having a centralised catalogue of all the digital media, with a search engine to find what you are looking for, is really helpful. There is no risk of duplication or version control issues. Everything is secured and there is no risk of losing any data.

With Piwigo, we are getting good value for money. The support is really helpful, and the product is easy to use.
Tom Chippendale, Digital Delivery Manager

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