A cheaper and easier-to-use photo library for the Indre County Council

A major financial gain for a better service!
Jean-François Lacou, internet project manager, Indre County Council

Indre County Council is a French local authority in which work 1 200 agents. The County has many responsibilities, from cultural policy to road maintenance, social services and high schools. This is a very important link in the territorial organization, especially in terms of communication and dialogue with users.

The challenge: a more affordable and ergonomic photo library

Jean-François Lacou is the internet project manager in the Communications Department of this county council. He has many hats and is responsible for finding solutions adapted to the needs of the department, with or without tender. In his activity, the photo holds a very important place: it is used to feed the brochures, the website, the social networks, the magazine ... The use of a photo library software is therefore indispensable on a daily basis. But the photo library software that was in place at the county Council was not satisfactory: in addition to its very high cost, this tool lacked user-friendliness and speed. It was therefore decided it needed replacing.

The choice of Piwigo

To replace the photo library software that was in place at the county Council of Indre, they needed a tool with full functionality, but that was much cheaper, with a preference for the open source universe. Jean-François Lacou knew about Piwigos open source solution for years as an individual, and the choice of the platform Piwigo.com was done naturally, after looking at the other software on the market.


Since the move to Piwigo, the team sees only benefits. In addition to the considerable financial gain, Piwigo users within the County Council appreciate its simplicity, and all the small ergonomic details that make the use of Piwigo enjoyable.

I chose Piwigo to manage our photo library and I am completely satisfied with it. Piwigo is cheaper, simpler and more powerful than our old software. A library of plugins allows a real customization of this solution. I am particularly fond of the ergonomics, and I recommend Piwigo without reservation!
Jean-François Lacou, internet project manager, Indre County Council

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