See Piwigo in action

We have prepared a few examples of what you can do with Piwigo, depending on the theme you select and plugins you activate. Piwigo empowers you to create a homepage, add blocks on your pages, select a theme with a fixed or elastic width, have a menu always visible or not, have your own banner and many other customizations. These are just a few examples, remember that each Piwigo gallery is unique!

This is the basic demo with the Sylvia theme by default. Only Language Switch and Maps & Earth plugins are activated. On the top of the page you can change theme on the fly. See it in action!

Theme Stripped has a fixed width and hidden menu, specific homepage created with the Additional Pages plugin, a nice image banner and Contact Form plugin. See it in action!

Theme dark, an elastic image banner, plugins PWG Stuffs to create blocks, Additional Pages, Advanced Menu Manager to add a random photo in the menubar and Lightbox. See it in action!

Theme Gally-Graphite with an elastic width and a hidden menu, big thumbnails, no banner and Language Switch plugin. A welcome message displayed with PWG Stuffs plugin. See it in action!