Transfer your Piwigo Gallery to

This question is frequently asked on support: is it possible to transfer an existing Piwigo photo gallery to The answer is “yes”. We have done it several times from various hosting providers.

Our goal is not to host all Piwigo galleries on, because we believe that the Web is and must remain “decentralized” but for some users, is cheaper than their current hosting provider or simply offers a better quality of service while maintaining the same high level of freedom.

Before we proceed, you have to be aware that Piwigo on is slightly different than Piwigo downloaded on A few features are missing:

  1. you can’t install any theme/plugin. There is a list of available extensions. We have tested and validated them all. If you want an extension that is not currently available, ask us and we will see what we can do.
  2. no FTP access. You can’t add photos with the synchronization method. If you already use the web form or pLoader to upload photos, you won’t feel the difference. If you current photos have been added with synchronization, we will manage the conversion into “virtual” albums.

Here is what we propose: test Piwigo on with these differences in mind and if fits your need then pay your 1-year subscription and we will manage the move to, with no additional fee. You will keep all your photos and related info such as user comments, descriptions and so on.