Theme Simple, version 4

Theme Simple has been updated to version 4. It applies to derivated themes Simple Grey, Simple Black, Simple White and Simple Sunset. The main changes are on the page of the photo as you can see on the 2 following screenshots, comparing version 3 and version 4.

Theme Simple version 3 for Piwigo

On theme Simple version 3, no icon in the top-right corner and previous/next thumbnails are vertically displayed.

Theme Simple version 4 for Piwigo

On theme Simple version 4, icons and different display for previous/next thumbnails.

As you can see, changes are not big, visually speaking. Actually changes are huge, technically speaking. We use the same HTML templates as in default theme Elegant, and it makes the theme much simpler to maintain and we avoid a few bugs that were complicated to fix until now (such as distorted photo on very small screens).

Icons for theme Simple version 4

Close-up on icons: we have integrated icons from theme Elegant on Piwigo 2.5

If you encounter any specific customization issue with this new version of theme Simple, please contact support.

Special Gift for Valentine’s Day

For upcoming Valentine’s Day (next Thursday) February 14, 2013, multiplies referral bonus by 3: for all subscriptions validated this day, referrer and referred user get a 3 months bonus instead of 1.

As a reminder, the referral programm is explained on blog post Referral Program.

Here is an example of referrer with 6 referred users!

Here is an example of referrer with 6 referred users!