Christmas Gift: Referral Program on Steroids

Merry Christmas to you all! brings you a little gift: this week the referral program is getting bigger.

As you may already know, when a new user subscribes with your referral code, then both of you get an extra month for free. This week, bonuses are multiplied by 2: referrer and new subscriber get 2 extra months on their subscription period.

Unlike chocolate, use without moderation!

Need a reminder about how the referral program works? Read Referral Program

Custom Page Footer

Until now, to add a personal message in the footer, we recommended to use the plugin LMT (license manager on your photos) because it features such an option. This plugin is very powerful and complete, so it might seem excessive for such a simple need. Now and for this specific purpose, we recommend instead plugin Perso Footer, whose sole mission is to add a message in the footer.

Custom Footer on your Piwigo photo gallery

Custom Footer on your Piwigo photo gallery

Perso Footer is compatible with all themes. The most frequent message we encounter looks like “Photos are copyrighted, ask before any use” but this is free text, you decide what you write.

Simple task = simple use: once plugin Perso Footer is activated on screen [Administration > Plugins > Manage], submit your text on screen [Administration > Plugins > Perso Footer] and you’re done.